Biometrical Analysis and Orthotic Prescription

Prefabricated and Bespoke Orthotics supplied by ‘Vasyli Medical’ and ‘Lbg Medical’

Propulsion Speed

Back Pain

Knee Pain

Flight Time

Contact Process

Plantar Fasciitis

Heel Pain

Contact Phase

Pronation/ Supination

Support Asymmetry

Dynamic Pronation/ Supination

THE Foot and Body mechanic uses prefabricated and Bespoke orthotics by Vasyli Medical and LBGMedical

Target commmon aches and pains using Vasyli Medical / LBGMedical prefabricated or bespoke Orthotics.

PODOSmart is available for biomechanical gait analysis in a ‘real life’ context using smart insole technology which can then be used to inform your orthotic prescription.

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