Corns and Callus

Corns are cones of hard skin whereas callus is a yellowish plaque of hard skin, both of which are caused by excessive mechanical stress such as pressure, shear and friction.

Corns and callus are one of the most common conditions Podiatrists treat as they often cause pain, difficulty walking upstairs and a higher risk of falling for older people.

Although removing the callosities and corns will reduce/remove pain, it is also important to try deal with the cause in order to reduce/prevent re-occurrence.

Plantar callosities occur in 66% of people with musculoskeletal connective tissue disease, digital corns/callus in 24% and ulcerations in 17%. Most corns and callus on the feet are due to a MSK foot problem caused by a change in structure or function of the foot. At THE foot + body mechanic, not only will we remove the corn/callus, we will also aim to prevent re-occurrence through the use of devices such as orthotics, footwear intervention, stretching exercises, gait changes, gel/felt pads and wedges etc.

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