Nail Surgery

An ingrown toenail is a very common but extremely painful condition where a sliver
of the toenail can pierce the surrounding skin (sulci).
It most commonly affects the big toenail and can lead to a large growth of
hypergranulation tissue, become inflamed, infected, smelly, ooze pus, and may
require antibiotics.
Podiatrists can offer surgical correction of ingrown toenails if nail cutting and
education is not enough. This is a procedure which is carried out under local
anesthetic, part (or all) of the nail is removed and a chemical is applied to prevent it
from re-growing, essentially modifying the shape of the nail.
We will carry out an assessment prior to any procedure to ensure you are suitable
and to discus aftercare. The surgery price includes a supply of dressings for 2
weeks and 3 follow up appointments.

bandaged toe

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