Initial Consultation

On your first visit you will be asked to fill out a form giving information such as your address etc. and asked to provide any relevant medical history.

We will ask about the history of your issue, how it is impacted your daily life etc, and what you want to be able to achieve as a result of your treatment. You will be involved in the planning of your treatment as a partnership between client and podiatrist will yield the best results.

All information is private and confidential.

If your appointment involves a bio-mechanical assessment it would be useful if you could wear clothing that can be moved to above the knee in order to help the examination. It is also helpful if you could bring a selection of shoes/orthotics that you wear regularly so the podiatrist can assess their suitability and prescribe a suitable orthotic if necessary.

We also ask that nail varnish be removed if toenail cutting is required.

Consultation will include Treatment

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